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Welcome to our new favorite place in Mexico!

We have spent the last few years exploring on the go, with the intention of finding the perfect place to welcome you!

It's official! The contract is signed! We invite you to our place, called the Sky temple!

Located in Yelapa, Mexico. Come and immerse yourself in a natural way of life, without a car, in the heart of the mountains and the jungle by the sea.

Yelapa is  a 45-minute boat ride from Puerto Vallarta. It is a Native land where one can still feel the rustic state of nature and the way of life of its inhabitants.

We have pooled our passions of yoga, nature and activities at sea to present you different activity packages in addition to being able to stay and sleep in a memorable space!




Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune into nature.

  • We have 3 littles casa available. The whole site can host a total of 17 people for sleep.
  • Sea and mountain views.
  • Daily classes available to connect with your body & soul through yoga and meditation practice.
  • A morning brunch often served on-site with reservation. 
  • Activities will be proposed for those who want to discover the best corners of Yelapa and cheer on the locals!

The time to have fun and take care of yourself awaits you. Be ready to feel alive!

The most asked questions

Yoga / wellness Packages

Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:


Organize your own retreat here!

  • The entire site of the sky temple
  • Acces to the terrace (Yoga platform for 20 people)
  • 3 casa with kitchen & bathroom
  • Jungle and ocean view for a total of 17 people.
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Organise a morning or sunset event here!

  • Acces to the terrace (Yoga platform for 20 people)
  • Perfect for yoga class, trainning & meditation group, conference, spa day, lunch, music event, cacao ceremonie, etc.
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1 DAY (8ham to 9pm)

Organise a wellness day here!

  •  Acces to the terrace (Yoga platform for 20 people)
  • Perfect for yoga class, trainning & meditation group, conference, spa day, lunch, music event, cacao ceremonie, etc.
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''You were one of the nicest people i've met and i really ca't wait to see you again! It inspires me to transform my daily habits!''

Johanne Hurtubise

"This place definitely has a special energy! Having stayed there for several months, i confirm that it is a return to oneself and to what matters." 

Brisa Lorenzo




Some custom events and coachings are available upon requests. (And yoga retreat as well!)

Whether it's  for your personal need or because you are a teacher in the field of well-being who would like to organize a meeting or event of one day or several days.

You are welcome to send us an email at: [email protected]

Let us introduce ourselves

Who's Joe Chi?

Water enthusiast and commercial fisherman. Always trying to help and make people laugh, Joe loves to travel and bring the world to live the present moment with intensity and simplicity. He likes good food and recently he also does a little yoga and he likes it!


Who's Karo Makana

Yoga Acharya (1200h YTT), energetician, and spiritual leader, she loves to find deep meaning in all circumstances and spontaneously play life like a child! She has been guiding thousands of people for more than 7 years to install more freedom of being in everyday life from the art of living yoga.


Experiencing holidays every day is a state of being. It starts in itself and then spreads all around. :) Let's see where this beautiful journey to yourself takes you! Come travel and laugh with us! Serious work on yourself starts above all with not taking yourself seriously, so come and have fun!


Others activities availables to do in Yelapa that Joe will love participating with you!